Margin for butterfly

hi, 2 ce buy 2ce sell, (Ex: 12500ce buy 1lot …
12400ce sell 2lot…12300ce buy 1lot)
how much need for margin this trading positional.

You can use Margin Calculator to calculate the margin required to take this trade, you can also use Basket Order feature on Kite Web to calculate the required margins.

hi shubhs thanks for concern, i tried many time but still did not get answer.
& im not expecting correct figure,even 5 to 10k differnce also ok

It is easy, Select exchange as NFO, Product as Options, Symbol as Nifty, Option Type: Call or Put, Enter the Strike Price. Quantity and select Buy or Sell and click on Add, you will get the results.

Check the below screenshot for reference.

thank you very much brother…