Margin for Crude

How much margin is required for CO type in Zerodha to trade Crude Oil Mini 1 lot? I know there is margin calculator on Zerodha website, but recently I heard MCX increased the margins, hence would like to know.

Still it should be updated there.

So whatever it is showing on the website now, is it correct?

Ideally it should, but if you want to double confirm you can place one limit order and check.

Right now I don’t have commodity enabled in my account. I’m using Zerodha for FNO and Stocks, whereas using Fyers for Commodity. Recently they doubled the margins. So wanted to confirm this before shifting.

You can check on calculator.

I checked just now again, for 1 lot of Crude Mini it is showing required margin as ₹574 when SL mentioned as 25 points. So this is correct and reflect the same when placing live order with same parameters, right?

That is right, if overall margins rise that also will increase accordingly.

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I was just checking this answer

You should also check their clearing charges, it is almost Rs 200 per crore whereas it is 0 at Zerodha. Every big contract of gold is almost 1 crore in turnover or you end up paying Rs 200 extra at Fyers.