Margin Liability

In a scenario on trading nifty futures, i’m trying to understand what are the liabilities when there is a blackswan event…

On Day 1, 4 lots of nifty future is bought at around 216000 Rs, with nifty at 8900
On Day 2, Nifty opens at 7900, with net loss of -300414.8 Rs.

So, my question is, am i liable for −84414.8 Rs? or is there automatic exit condition from zerodha, which i’m not aware of?

appreciate if someone clarifies this… cheers

Your position is squared of if your trading account has less than Rs. 300415 cash

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On Day 1, let’s assume nifty closes at 8400 and next day it opens at 7900, is my position squared off if there is no cash left?

Yes . It will be closed