Margin: Peak Vs Short

Cash: 1000 rs
cash equivalent: 30000 rs
collateral: 100000 rs

based on 50:50 rule

I execute normal order for overnight position requiring margin of 60000rs. (30k from cash equivalent and 30k from collateral)

Next day my open position(MTM) shows negative of -10000 rs. will the interest be charged on this or any penalty?

Hi @ShubhS9,

when i have spread position open and i square of all the positions at once i get the margin call message.

when my spreads become deep in the money i cant square short position first and long later, As it may result in loss when i have multiple positions.

is it possible to implement short positions to be squared of first and then long when multiple orders are executed at once?

Hi @ShubhS9

I have four position and 2 position open if i click check box next to product all the position get squared but i get margin call may be because long get executed first. Is there a way to square of short first and long later at a time.

I have tried selecting check box short first and long later.