Margin query for debt fund

Is hdfc corporate debt fund considered as cash equivalent margin for trading?

Corporate Bond funds aren’t considered as Cash Equivalent, you can check this list to know which funds are Non-Cash and which are Cash Equivalent.

Sir, I just checked list of securities.

The linked excell file has 2 sheet

  1. non-cash component
  2. cash component

Does that mean all securities listed in CASH COMPONENT are CASH EQUIVALENT ?

And as per you which is better Returns wise in that list ?

Yes, the securitues listed in Cash Component segment are Cash Equivalent.

Regarding where to invest, you should make your own informed decision.

So, NIFTYBEES are not cash equivalent, Right ?

No, Nifty Bees isn’t cash equivalent, you can check out the list, all Cash Equivalent and Non-Cash Equivalent securitues have been classified accordingly in there.

Sir, Today I placed buying order for L&T money market fund D G on Coin at 3.25 pm

My Query is

When i will be able to pledge as collectaral for Options selling - tomorrow ? or day after Tomorrow ?

As you have placed order after cut-off time, your order will be processed tomorrow at 11:30 AM, it takes T+1 days for funds to get credited to your Demat account. Once the MF is credited to your Demat account, you will be able to pledge.

I bought liquid fund on 21-10-2020, just now I got msg from CDSL confirming Transaction of credit.

my query.

When I shall be able to Pledge this liquid fund as colletaral, becaz I tried now, but I did not found it in CONSOLE.


You should be able to view it in Console tomorrow, after that you can pledge.