Margin Question with pledged liquid funds as collateral


New to trading options and been at this for 2 months and so far I’ve only done covered calls and short strangles with cash in my account, so I’ve only sold options and never had to buy.

Consider I do this calendar spread

Zerodha Margin Calc shows this as the margin

So in this trade would the total funds blocked as margin be only Rs.63,644? or more?

And assume that I’ve pledged liquid funds as collateral how much of this 63,644 would be funded from the collateral and how much cash do I need to have in my account?

Or would the liquid funds be pledged be treated as cash equivalent?


This 63,644 does not include funds needed to buy Options. So your final margin requirement will be 63,644 + Cost of Buying Options.

Liquid Mutual Fund’s are considered as cash equivalent, so all 63,644 can come from collateral but you will need cash in your account to purchase Options, collateral cannot be used for that.

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i have given request to activate fno segment it is saying approved but my order is not going if any one can look into it pls

Request you to raise a ticket at

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So i would need Rs.63,644 from collateral and Rs.17,055 in cash which equals Rs.80,669.

The max profit as per opstra is Rs.4994. So if one calculates… that’s about 6.18%. But Opstra shows it as 9%. Isnt this incorrect or am I missing something?