Margin reduction for hedged positions

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anyone aware of the latest update on this news


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this is dead and expired news , i think you are newbee
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yes i know its old news. But was there any developments on this ?

may be brokers know more on this, @nithin ?

Hopefully there should be something on this by end of Jan.


Hi @nithin . Have you heard any more about this? Is it still happening by end of Jan?

May be in next few weeks, need to wait for some more time.

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What is the difference between hedge and arbitrage ?
I found it the same with no difference !

Arbitrage is buying anything (security’s) in one market and selling it another to earn from spread difference between two markets .

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If you have any information regarding Hedged Trade Margin Reduction please share.
As we are eagerly waiting for this information from long back there is no update from SEBI as of now.


We are also waiting for this, no additional info with us.


Can’t wait… It’s almost March 2020 now… Why does everything take so long to implement in India?

@nithin are other brokers opposing this move as it will lead them to change there backend infrastructure or loose thier clients.

no broker would oppose this imho… because volumes will increase… which is common sense…