Margin required for ATM Sraddle on expiry?

If i wanted to sell 2 lots of ATM Straddle on Thursday, using MIS order type, what would be the margin needed ?
For example, today it would be 11300 CE and 11300 PE, 2 lots each. I cant find any place to check this.

MIS margin requirement is 24% of NRML SPAN and 100% Exposure margins, which you can calculate here.

Yes, i know that. But I am selling call and put of the same strike, So for NRML order type, margin gets reduced significantly since there is risk on only one side of the market,
In MIS type, 24% margin for 11300 CE and 24% of NRML margin for 11300 PE but what if I’m selling both together as MIS?
If i sold both together in NRML, the margin would be quite less. WIll MIS margin be 24% of this reduced NRML Margin?

Yes, you will get margin benefit for MIS as well and margin requirment for MIS will be 24% of NRML SPAN and 100% of Exposure margin.