Margin required for future buying

If i have in my account Rs.25000 can i buy HDFC bank future one lot? for intraday and what is the total amount required to be kept in my account to carry forward the same for one month until expiry.

Margin required to Buy 1 lot of HDFC Bank is about 140k, So 25k won’t be enough, not even for Intraday.

Okay is it possible in equity the same qty can buy in intraday?

550 shares in 25k, not possible.

Why do you want to be reckless and bet all your capital on one trade? All you will do is lose it all.

If you are new to Stock Market’s, I’d suggest you to give Varsity a read and get better understanding of markets before risking money. Markets will be here forever, your money? Once it’s gone, it’s gone.