margin required in trading window

hi, zerodha is my first trading platform and I really like the user interface. as a beginner trader, it would really help if we can also see the margin required for trade in the trading window while placing the order.
thanks in advance.

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@Nishant_Thakur ,
TO see the Margin req. just place a LIMIT BUY order below current mkt price and if you have req margin than order will be placed and you can see in LIMIT AVAILABLE window there you will see margin deduction of current trade OR if you don’t have that margin your order will be rejected and req margin value will be printed.

EXP: Place a limit order of NIFTY FUT BUY 30-40 point below current price just to see margin after that cancel that order.

you can also see margin req in ZERODHA calculator here

hope help. :slight_smile:


thank you sir :slight_smile: