Margin Requirement Data/File for Futures contracts

There is a easy to use margin calculator provided by Zerodha.
But the problem with that is one needs to pick and choose one security at a time to see the margin amount. Like I want to see margin requirement for contract on RELIANCE (that’s 1.17 lakhs), and that on PNB (that’s 2.05 lakhs), and each such contract has to be selected separately in the online margin calculator.

I am looking for a basic margin requirement file (like a CSV), for a past date (say past Friday, 8-Jan-2021), which has the margin for all stock Futures contracts for January series (or Feb series).

I need the data to get an idea of which stock futures have APPROXIMATELY what margin requirements.
Obviously the margin requirement keeps changing as trading proceeds, so I am looking for past data just for getting an idea and plan my trading.

Any such file/data available anywhere? pls let me know.

maybe check resources section on nse website… they available all the data for all segments there…

You can use this link.

You can see list of F&O scrips and margin requirements for all those here:

You can see margin requirement for Current Month, Next Month and Far Month contracts.

Many Thanks @Praksy,
This is exactly what I was looking for!

Also thanks to @ShubhS9 as that link is also useful!