Margin requirement for combined position

Hi All,

I have about Rs. 40,000/- in my Zerodha Account Balance. I am looking to trade a position in which I buy the Nifty front month contract and sell the Nifty next month contract. The Margin requirement is as follows:

  1. BUY Nifty Front Month Future - >Rs. 100,000/-
  2. SELL Nifty Next Month Future - > Rs. 100,000/-
  3. Combined Margin Requirement of the two legs- Rs. 19000/-

The margin requirement in the combined position of “Buy front month and sell next month” is less than my account balance and hence affordable. But how do i execute this trade? Because if I start by buying the first leg, I will have to put up more than Rs. 1 lac, which I dont have. Anyone has any idea on how to execute this?


I don’t think there is way as of now. You need to have max of both legs here 1 lakh to execute both legs.once both trades executed you can use/ withdraw remaining amount 81k.

pls wait till june 1 most of these problems will be resolved by then till then keep patience