Margin Requirement in Mix Expiry

  1. If I buy Futures of Monthly Expiry, but Buy Put of Weekly Expiry (to get margin benefit), will margin benefit still be applicable? Or both futures and options should be of the same expiry for margin benefit?

Example -
Buy BankNifty Fut (24 Jan 2021 expiry) at 31960
Buy BankNifty PE 32300 (7 Jan 2021 expiry)

Or is Sensibull curve showing it all wrong?

  1. My max loss is really just 1109 in this case?

PS - I want to close the trade on 7 Jan or before.

@siva @Sensibull

Margin benefit will still be applicable.

Max loss for hedged positions is capped.

you must use zerodha f and o margin calculator. i think its very accurate

There is cross expiry margin benefit

That is correct, if you close the trade on 7th Jan. Your losses on the future (i hope not) will be offset by profits on the put. Or in other words, the put protects your future

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