Margin requirements

If I have 1 lac of delivery available, Can I avail NRML ( positional trades) limits to trade Nifty/BN futures against it? If yes how much limit is available ? Do u charge any interest on the limits?


The Collateral margin is based on script which you are promising the shares, you can check in website by search the script in the quote under Value at Risk (VaR in %) Applicable Margin Rate % it will be calculated as total value - Applicable Margin Rate will be the margin given…

in simple your stock value - haircut = your collateral margin

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With regards to your query on margin against stocks. Please note that every broker collects margins in the form of cash, collateral (stocks), bank guarantees, and/or fixed deposits. It is a fairly normal practice with every broker to give margin to its clients for the securities held by the client in their Demat account.

Collateral margin facility on your holdings, you’ll get margin against those shares after the exchange prescribed haircut. For example, if you have stocks worth Rs. 100,000 in your account and if the exchange prescribed haircut is 15%, then the collateral value of your stocks will be Rs. 85,000.

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