Margin statement query


NSE EQ 10/01/2018 - 6053.09 - (1) how this value comes, I have no stocks in delivery

NSE FNO 10/01/2018 - (3690.74) - (1) what bracket indicates? how this value comes,(2) I don’t have any
position in fno ?

Sub Total 2362.35

I called to support but the phone auto audio replied to contact QNA


As brokers, we are required to maintain segment wise balance for all accounts. Accordingly if you transfer any money to your trading account, the credit would be given to NSE-EQ segment. However these funds would be available for trading in any segment.

For eg: If you have transferred Rs.100 to your trading account, credit of these would be given to NSE Eq segment. However you can use these funds to trade in Equity/F&O/CDS Segment provided you have the segment enabled. If you utilize these funds for trading in F&O and make a loss of Rs.30 then your NSE Equity Balance would continue to show Rs.100 credit while your F&O segment would show a balance of minus 30 thereby making your balance across all segments as Rs.70 (100cr in EQ - 30dr in F&O).

You will have to view your balance across all segments to know the balance you are holding in your account. Bracket would indicate that the balance is a negative.

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Hello VM,
OK, Thanks a lot, very well explained.


Is it a thing to worry if Fno margin is negative but total margin is positive. do I attract interest charges?


Hey @Sandeep7,

Nope, if the final total margin status is positive, you will not be liable for interest charges. Explained in detail here on our support portal.