Margin Trading Issue -AngelBroking Settlement

Hey Guys, I hope someone can help me here with this.
On 30th March, I traded with IRCTC . I took margin to trade. By the end of the trading day I was at a minor loss. I placed a sell order before closure. It wasn’t executed but the next day it was squared off i suppose. The issue is now the ledger balance is showing a negative value of -61K as seen in the screenshot. I checked my contract notes, It says the trade was a Delivery but there is no holding in my account in IRCTC. Than I saw the transaction reports and i can see that my shares were done with auction settlement. I bought (Sell) 50 shares at 933 and the shares are auctioned at 1159.
So now I want to know will i have to just pay the loss incurred due to rise in price of the shares? and how long will it take to for the settlement to reflect in my account? Please give me some advice on it friends. Below are the screenshots of the my ledger and auction settlement