Margin used vs realized profit


Now a days margin used and realized profit are differs …may be zerodha deducting broker commission immediately… Any one experience this .?


Hi Vishnu,

For which segment?


mcx commodities


Please go through this below link to know the extra margins are blocked for trades in the MCX segment


How about MIS segment?


For MCX futures and options contracts, when you place an MIS order or Cover Order (CO), in addition to the margins blocked for your position, 0.01% of the turnover (transaction value) will be blocked (will be part of margin used) per order.

Please go through the above link for a detailed explanation for the same.


I am new to trading. One basic question regarding margin.
Lets assume I have 10000 rs free cash and can buy 100 shares each worth 100rs.
If i want to use margin in MIS and consider I can buy 1250 shares. Should I enter 1250 as share quantity or 100 while buying shares?
And also is there any option to use only some amount from free cash and remaining from margin for buying in intraday?


Thank you.