Market Data Feed for Zerodha

  1. Where does Zerodha get its market data feed from?

  2. If I want to get a data feed from somewhere which one would be better -
    a. GDFL
    b. TrueData
    c. Kite Charts

From exchange.

Why then does it differ so much from your competitors?

Especially the opening candle OHLC values. It becomes difficult for someone like me who is trying to work with a strategy based on candlestick pattern. When in certain cases, the candlestick as per other brokers is FULL CANDLE, it is shown as doji in zerodha charts and vice versa in some cases. I want to remain in zerodha ecosystem because of other services offered. But the main, the core of your product seems half baked. There is absolutely no match between upstox charts and yours. Why? I’m only talking about the consistency of opening few candle OHLC data everyday.

Why don’t you think other broker candles open can be wrong? Anyhow can check this link for more explanation on this.

Aha. I was expecting this question.
Because I’ve cross checked the data for multiple brokers. And they are more or less the same.

I can and I am ok with minor differences. But even in general, the charts are a letdown