Market If Touched Orders


Thanks for a very good software like Pi. I have few questions/suggestions to make it even user friendly for traders.

Questions : Do we have Market If Touched Orders in Pi.

Yes/No : If yes how can I place the same , If No are we planning to incorporate something like this in future realse

Rationale : As Trader we get lots of setups in the night and we are not monitoring the entries on realtime basis. If we put all the orders using after market orders then it will eat up our margin. With Market If Touched (MIT) orders will be pending at your end and will not get routed to exchange and possibily save us margin.

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Not possible currently, and exchanges are not open to this idea. Any order received should be placed on the exchange according to them. Keeping it in between in essence is like creating a dark pool.

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It would be really good to see Market if touches orders implemented in Indian markets.