Market manipulation by FII or DII

Hi All, just a qq. since the margin requirement is more we already see a drop in volume so anyone think that market is totally under control of FII and DII and retailers are just bunch of fools who are losing.

Retailers Volume is around 40-50% of daily trades, Volume has not come down too much its more or less the same !!

Check this article. I don’t think the volumes are same😅

Capital Turnover & Business Growth - NSE India
this gives the latest figures. the article is too old to make much sense now

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even when the leverage is huge in the system, somebody were putting money on the table (broker used to). now that the broker cannot use the funds for all clients, he will find someone to trade on his behalf. i think that’s the reason why the volumes are more or less same.

Its old article and before any major margin changes! Check the volumes on NSE even Nitin has shared about the Volumes in many threads.

Don’t worry about FII and DII and Margin, Market will have place for everyone. Work on building the skills its the open field for all

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There was a recent article related to change in volumes of various market segments -

Month on Month comparison for different market segments can also be found in NSE’s latest Market Pulse issue -

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