Market Melting

hey whats wrong with nifty n mrkts存o much fall安hats happening

Only a few days have gone and you are already panicking. Corrections can come from time to time and this means that the markets can go down around 10 to 15% from time to time. Anyways, I think that the right time to buy is coming and we can keep on adding in small quantities from hereon.

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Every individual will give you a separate reason for this, you cant really figure out the correct one, in fact no one can.
This is how stock market exists. No one knows How & Why.
So, dont ask others. Believe in your own opinion.

Also sometimes , There isnt a reason for this/that to happen and at times Our brain cant really tell the reason for everything.

Hope you get the answer indirectly.

Why are you worried? Youre a YOLO trader :stuck_out_tongue:

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You call this so much fall? This is basic correction. Fall would be if market goes to 16k.

not worried. just curious what triggered mrkt to panic that much