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I was talking about how incompetent Indian banks are not the people who invest in them.

People who are invested in such banks may get good returns but it’s a different matter altogether.


Really, which PSU bank has given better returns than private banks like HDFC, yesbank and indusind?



It seems that going forward all PSU bank NPA’s will turn in to “fraud cases”


probably these psu banks found a way to get rid of NPAs.


you are right , i think for psu banks , this the right way to recover money, instead of going to the courts for decades!!


“A rise in rates to 4.5% by year-end would cause a 20% to 25% decline in equity prices,” Goldman.






Keep investing new comers in solid companies, don’t pay attention to the rumors. Don’t waste your time with useless articles, you will repent later for this.


Investors? This is a trading forum, as the name says.
Nothing is useless in this world. It may be useful for someone.




There is some news on 63moons


Changes in lot sizes



In an industry where power and influence are measured in dollars and cents, this may be the most exclusive club in finance: The price of admission is at least $25 million.



Gruh finance goes ex-bonus today 1:1