Market orders in sensex

@nithin hi Nithin, wanted to check why don’t we have market orders enabled in zerodha for Sensex nor do we get the option chain feature if we add the monthly futures of it in the watchlist like nifty or BN futures

Market orders aren’t enabled because of liquidity issue.

On option chain, can we check @MohammedFaisal @Arockiya_Raja

Sensibull has recently introduced an option chain for Sensex. This option chain will soon be accessible from the Kite context menu. I’ll update here once it’s ready.

Thxs Nithin for giving the clarity on this one… is there any timeline to Sensex liquidity issues? Impossible to trade this index without the market order facility on kite :smile: @nithin

If you want an order to act like market, you can just place a buy limit order with a price higher than the market price and sell limit price lower than the market price? :slight_smile:

The activity in Sensex is mostly on the expiry day, we will track it for a few more days and see if liquidity picks up on other days before enabling this.

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This is live on Kite web, it will be live on the app in the next update(<2 weeks)

Market orders are now allowed for all index F&O contracts (Sensex, Midcpnifty and Finnifty) if the OI of the contract is more than 500 lots. Market orders will be automatically enabled as soon as the OI increase for liquid contracts on the expiry days.

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should it be on volume parameter rather than the OI parameter ?

Volume resets to 0 everyday, making it difficult for us to use it as a parameter to restrict orders. However, OI is continuous and if a contract has an OI of 250-500 lots, it is likely to have some market depth, given the open positions in those contracts.