Market Profile Charts

Is there any Indian vendor providing Market Profile Charts and footprints for Nifty stocks like Market Delta site.

Thanks in advance.

Do you mean volume profile charts? Check this-

Not sure how much they charge for this

Market profile is a trademarked product/indicator of market delta. So unless the license is bought, no one is legally allowed to sell the same on other platforms.

But that said, there is a lot of open source code available for amibroker. You have to just google for it.


I have written the amibroker afl for Market/Volume Profile Charts. There are 3 types:

  1. Day Profile --> applies to a Day
  2. Fixed Profile --> applies to the window between selected start date+time to end date+time.
  3. Visible Profile --> applies to only visible bar.

If you are interested please get in touch/message me. (Its absolutely free because i make money from Intraday trading). But I expect a friendly smile to me from you :slight_smile:


Hi send me all [email protected]

Like some people already say you really need to google for the solution and if we really can google for it and find some free version, correct ? I bet it’s all that working fine anyway. Do you see me going there totally and completely ? How does that sounds.