Market really teaches you a lesson, and boy a hard one


Got attracted to stock market and day trading in general, perfected a strategy after lot of research, deployed it in paper trading and it worked perfectly fine givig me average return’s of 4% for 6 months. Then this month I started will real capital, and boy this game is real hard, now I understand why people say Day Trading is more about controlling your emotions than your strategy.

It’s so much different doing paper trading and doing it in real time… Glad I’ve started with small capital and getting taught these valuable lessons by Mr. Market.


Not only day trading, even swing trading and investing also mostly about emotions

Just in past couple of years, where stocks keep going down 70%, and investors emotions make them keep saying this stock is good good, until it erodes 90%. Even there emotions get the better of fundamental analysis or investing discipline.

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Emotion and discipline, it’s such a small thing but plays significant hand in outcome of your trades. As the saying goes “Easy to play (or whatever), Hard to master”.


Emotions are a reflection of uncertainty in the markets.


Better the analysis and strategy, better will be the confidence.