Market type - Rolling normal what does it mean?

I am trying easiest and when I try to setup transfer to broker …under market type it shows many options rolling normal etc. …what does it mean and is it the right choice when I transfer to my trusted account ( my broker)

@curiousvi : ( MARKET TYPE) Rolling is for BSE and Normal for NSE when the trade executed is other than T /Z /P group share . Trade for Trade is for BSE and T2T is for NSE when you execute the trade in other than rolling and normal group share.
yes to your broker you can transfer the sold shares any time any day as per t plus 2 .

I am still little confused… my brokers wants me to transfer shares a day in advance so they can put in to my trading account…

I think broker is mistaken somewhere…dont u think? do I have to transfer to their pool account one day in advance? or I should be able to sell first than I should transfer to broker?

I can not see my current holding in my trading account because it is moved to cdsl (easiest) …I can see it as demat holding but can not sell …

@curiousvi : i give delivery of shares to my broker only after selling and as per t plus 2 means i can give delivery till early morning of third working day of sale because Easiest or Speed -e is instant and 24 hours.
now i am bit confused ,how your broker will take delivery in his account before selling …on which settlement no ? i guess your broker wants the shares in his pool account or personal account in advance before you execute a sale order . well, there can not be any hard and fast rule in this case and it is all between you and your broker if he has such rules for business.

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Well just for a try I transferred only 2 shares to broker …during transfer I entered only 3 things 1. date 2. counter BO - ID (broker’s pool ID) and 3. reason for trade ( broker said choose 'market sale/purchase)
After I transferred now those 2 shares are seen as my holding i.e. in trading account in other words mine but in his pool account …

I argued with him that why can’t I transfer to you after I make a sale ? he said no he wants them in advance. …so you are right it his rules…

May I know which broker you are dealing with …who allows you to transfer after sale?

Also when you transfer from easiest to your broker …do they charge any DP charges ? remember you are not selling to him …(in my case he charged DP charges of 10.62 RS) you are just transferring so you can sell …also does this transfer (you to your broker) attract any STT or Short/long term gain tax?

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Same question
Which option to choose???

Please can somebody guide me which market type is to be chosen. @ShubhS9 @Bhuvan

I need to transfer from my demat account with Z to a relative’s demat account with a different broker.

Market Type, Counter Party Market Type, Settlement ID and Counter Settlement ID are not needed for off-market transactions. You can check the CDSL Easiest transfer process here: How to transfer shares from the Zerodha account to other CDSL demat account using CDSL Easiest?

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