Market view prediction

short term market prediction which one is better way

  1. predict market view based on cash market data like volume, delivery %age and by indicator etc.
  2. based on derivative market data like oi,fii data, iv etc

In my opinion, Dow theory gives a pretty good picture about the trend of the market. Market goes up by creating Higher Highs and Higher Lows. When a major Higher Low and support gets broken, the current trend might be disrupted. Market could then go into consolidation or reverse, again creating Lower Lows and lower highs. I suggest you have a look at it.

ok thank you sir

It’s always good to bet where the smart money is. F&O data gives you the closest access to what institutions think the market will do. Options is not a child’s play, especially since institutions most of the times only sell options which inherently contains unlimited risk, only a smart entity can bear that much risk. So I would most of the times bet where the smart money bets.

Technical Analysis helps as well but institution have bigger advantages as they have deep access to information and F&O data analysis reveals that without much noise.

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How to get hold of f&o data? Subscription to paid screeners?

Sensibull will work just fine.