MAS Allocation - Missing under Q Holding

Have been allocated MAS Financial and money has been deducted from account as well, but under too see them under Q Holding… Today is the listing date, Could you let me know what the issue is ?

Please try this solution:

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Looks like it reflected just before market opened… Thanks !

Glad it worked out in the last minute, also pleased to meet someone real who actually has an allotment in hand.

If you could spare a few minutes to answer the below queries , that would be great to fine tune our application process in the future:

  1. Which bank did you apply it from ?

  2. Did you apply on the first day or last day ?

  3. Did you tick the cut off price ?

  4. How many lots did you apply for and how many received ?

  5. How many applications used through different banks ?

Well, no rocket science behind it…just luck… In fact, my 6th attempt at an IPO in last quarter… applied for a single lot at 3 different prices within the range.