Maximum UP and Down in F&O Securities

Is there any information at NSE with list of STOCKS can go up with highest percentage or go down with highest percentage ?

If you are asking for price band information or circuit limit set for each stock, click here and download the file. You will see stocks with price band, maximum it can move up or down daily.

Hi @nithin

My query is regarding these price band of stock.
Let’s cmp is 200. Lower price band is 185.
I enter BO sell order @200 and keep Target 30 and SL as 10.
As per price band Target would be reduced to 15.

Now price moves towards 185 and I want to increase price to 20. Is it possible before new price band opened?

Stocks which have a price band, won’t trade beyond that during the day.

I am guessing you are talking about F&O stocks where there is no price band. Yes, you can modify your order anytime.

Yes query is for Fno. I am wondering if lower price band is 185 then how can I keep my target less than 185 (in case of short position)?

ah no, you can’t keep it lesser than 185. You can modify it post the band moves to price lesser than 185.

In that case, BO would be exited at 185 (bcoz target reached) and I wouldn’t get chance to modify the target right?


Any other way to keep it open?

I know CO would be helpful here. But I always prefer SL as entry for all my intraday orders. But for CO, SL entry is now enabled currently.

It would be helpful if you provide more info on CO with SL entry please. Want to know if we can expect in future or it’s not possible to implement it on your side.

learn to put volatility based stops. For this you need to calculate daily vol. you can do this your own way or look it up on nse site for equities.

I think that should solve your query.

IIRC Zerodha used to allow us to keep BO target beyond price band. Has it changed now?

I think u didn’t understand my query. The query was regarding putting BO target beyond price band value.

Why you want to do that?

institutions will be aware of price bands and daily vols , so they will set orders accordingly.

No point putting any order beyond daily vols/price bands for intraday. There will most probably be no order flow at those levels on intraday basis.

I was asking to set target beyond price bands.