MCX Limit order above LTP executing immediately

Limit order in Zerodha Kite application executing immediately even though price has been set higher. Today i have placed Buy Limit order @ 4037 for Crude oil Mini Feb contract, when LTP was 4028. can someone please en-light my knowledge why this has happened.

IF market is at 4028 and you put a limit order to buy at 4037, higher than current price, it will become like a market order and buy immediately. For such orders, you need to use a trigger orders.

Place Sl-M order with trigger price at 4037. What this will do is, when market goes to 4037, your market order to buy crude is triggered. You can also use SL order with trigger at 4037 and limit price at 4037.

Check this video on SL orders

Consider this:

  1. Buy with limit type : in the limit, you are specifying the max price you are willing to pay
  2. Sell with limit type: Min price you want to sell at
    When crude is trading at 4028 and you enter buy limit as 4037(above market price), this order will be released at market price.
    You need to use SL or SL-M order when you want to buy above the LTP or sell below the LTP.
    Please learn about all order types, what they mean, what’s their functionally before going into trading.
    Good luck!