MCX - transaction charges high?

Are the transactions charges at MCX high according to traders? Will traders shift to BSE if it provides lower transaction charge but lower liquidity

Commodity trading will start I am guessing on NSE and BSE by October this year. Will be interesting to see what happens.

Nithin ,Will that affect liquidity in mcx?why nse and bse disrupting mcx?

Nse and bse withh try to do nothing but to make commodity traders suffer who already suffer

I think bse and nse can better concentrate on existing areas

NSE Options trading charges are also very high!
Wherever there is monopoly in a product these exchanges start milking the customers/traders!
This is the only good thing that SEBI has done- breaking the monopoly of exchanges.

I don’t think that the SEBI has ever tried to break monopolies. It has only tried to regulate them. It is extremely difficult to break monopolies in businesses where network effects have set in unless competitors bring in an entirely new and multiple times better tech like NSE did in the stock markets.

It is better to leave commodity to mcx and request mcx to reduce charges…

How to trade in mcx… What are the charges.