MESA Spectrum & Cycles and other Advanced Studies from Chart IQ

I was intrigued when I read about MESA Spectrum & Cycle analysis. Would like to know if anyone has tried it or has some insights. In fact it is also available in the Chart IQ platform.

See these links: MESA Spectrum, Cycles

Also many other useful studies like Auto Trend Line, Auto Candlestick Patterns etc. are available in Chart IQ DS Essentials Package but are missing in Kite.

Would be great if these are added to Kite @nithin @siva

But in any case would like to know your views on MESA and if there is any free platform to try it out!

These are not part of chartIQ package, they are proprietary indicators and are not owned by chart IQ.

Oh I thought since it is mentioned on their site (as part of DS Essentials package) it would be available…