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I have received the following message from Zerodha. What does it mean? Could you please help me in understanding it?

The Clearing Member ZERODHA BROKING LIMITED has allocated cash component of Rs. 209513.19 in FO to Client ID XXXXXX. Allocation does not include value of securities repledged. - NSE.


Hi @Shivam_Gupta, the Clearing Corporation (CC) sends emails and SMS to comply with the SEBI guidelines. As per the regulations, stockbrokers are required to allocate client funds segment-wise with the CC. This means that the balance maintained with Zerodha will be segregated and allocated segment-wise depending on the trades and margin utilisation. You don’t have to take any action because the email and SMS are sent only to inform you of the segment-wise allocation.

This support article explains it in detail here:

Nothing to worry its just regarding allocation of funds in your account. I get those messages too.
Hope this helps

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