Metal stocks should I buy call or not pls suggest

Should I buy metal stocks call like nmdc and sail as it is already corrected too much any suggestions🤔

do your own research instead.

First of all, never ever invest on recommendation of others, its very very hazardous. learn, analyse & then invest/trade, zerodha varsity will help you.

find a investment advisor. if you don’t want to learn or doesn’t get time for that.

And lastly, metals are very sensitive for any economical news.
PSU stocks has history that they may not participate in overall rally, or they find their own move.

It’s not wise when you think that it’s easy to trade/invest just based on some else’s idea.

Trading is the “hardest” way to make money, if it was that easy then why is 95% of the traders are failing ? You will not be able to manage any situation.
You need to know what you are doing.

It’s always wise to be independent and do your own research. Forget the idea of asking others.

(I’m not offending you btw, do not take it in the wrong way, feel free to ask some other questions that are not like ‘should I buy/sell’)

Why was this post flagged tho ? What’s wrong in that ?
Some people just randomly flag posts in the forum.

Your comment was outright dishonest, and misleading.

I did not see anything in the Community Guidelines to which you linked, which says that the original question posted by @Bhola_Bhagat is not allowed here.

So your comment was just a lie, and one which could discourage people from seeking help on this forum. No wonder it got flagged.

You may have some axe to grind with the moderators here. Taking it out on unsuspecting third parties who ask for help, by misleading and discouraging them, is not the way to go about settling scores. This place is for people to help one another. We may have our disagreements, but we don’t actively lie to discourage those who seek advice here. That is toxic behaviour.

I know that this place is for helping others.
‘Help’ has two sides. Do not expect it to be always a beneficial one.

You can help others. That’s not a problem at all.
But u should not help others if they ask “what they have to do”. This is one such question where the person asked where he/she should buy metals stocks. This is not the way to help. If u think that its a ‘help’ then just go tell him/her to whether buy / sell / hold metals.

But you can help people who ask about ‘how to do this’ or ‘why this?’ type of queries. That is not direct and they are not asking questions like 'should I buy Tata steel because it corrected 10%) ?.

I agree that many might be new and if you want to help the people who asked that question. It’s better to tell them not to depend on such advices. This is wiser and you are infact helping them to not to depend on calls/signals etc. This will be helpful in the long run.

Btw @Bhola_Bhagat , I’m not offending you , don’t take it in the wrong way.( If I said something wrong)

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This is what you said in the flagged comment:

This is a blatant lie: the community guidelines do not say anything of this sort. You just lied to discourage someone who asked a question.

None of what you said in your last comment addresses this point, so I guess you also know that you were lying in the flagged comment.

Edit: Now I see that you have edited your comment to remove the part which wrongly claimed that the community’s guidelines disallow the type of question that @Bhola_Bhagat asked. Good.


Now, you are outrageous. You are personally attacking me. Personally mentioning some one with words like 'toxic behavior , lying etc. Such comments are not allowed. You must not attack anyone especially with words that you’ve used.

I’ve not insulted anyone with my answers. I’ve not personally attacked anyone.

So, you expect people to give a call on that ? Like tell them to buy / sell metal stocks ? This is encouragement.
I wonder what you think. I never said them not to post in this forum. I recommended not to post such call/signal seeking questions and it’s not like “Never post any question in forum”. There is a big difference there. Make sure to read the content clearly.

(on a fun note, I’ve seen a lot of fights in this forum, but for the first time, I’m into one. → hope @ZeroIndian atleast takes this on a fun note)

These questions are to the moderators .

1). Is it ok to post questions like “Can I buy Metal stocks” or “Can I sell ITC” , If this was allowed then this forum will only have such question :rofl:

2). Is telling one not to depend on others for signals wrong ? It’s infact an encouragement to the people who can do it one their own, but don’t do so. (Infact it’s from my personal experience and I’m just advicing people not to depend on signals by strangers).

One more thing is that, my post got flagged as “spam”. This shows how posts are randomly flagged here. (see below picture).

It’ll be good to have some moderators who can give a judgement here.
@ShubhS9 ? (sorry if I disturbed u)
I can accept it, if I did something wrong. I’ve no problem with accepting mistakes. I’ve done a lot of it.

Ohkkk… don’t fight or argue with one another…this was just a normal question and it was my first post and I had some doubt in my mind so I put that as it is …nothing else …I got understood as you told beautifully that don’t depend on others advices …nice but I was just looking the market mood kr investors opinion and the other guy thanks a lot for defending me and be with me thankyou :heart: but pls don’t argue

Thank you @Bhola_Bhagat

I like how you thanked both of us : )

I hope everything is settled ? @ZeroIndian

Btw @Bhola_Bhagat , Welcome to the forum! (You can post any other questions here)

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Just wanted to know , @Bhola_Bhagat Are you satisfied with the replies that you got for your first post ? : )

Yes bro …I learned a very good thing that one should not take advices from others and should have their own decisions to do anything :slightly_smiling_face:I got my answer :+1:

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Well I learned a lot about stocks but I don’t know much about futures and options any idea for f&o learning …mentor or books or anything

You can check out → Varsity by Zerodha – Markets, Trading, and Investing Simplified.
This is where I initially started my learning.

@Bhola_Bhagat Are you interested to know about trading or investing (long term) ?

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Yes …I have done stocks investment many a time but I want to make f&o successfull trades and masters this

You can read these 3 three chapters from varisty if you want,

  1. Futures Trading – Varsity by Zerodha
  2. Options Theory for Professional Trading - Varsity by Zerodha
  3. Option Strategies – Varsity by Zerodha