MF investment challenge using Zerodha coin platform

Zerodha as of now provide direct Mutual fund investment through coin platform but there is one challenge it doesn’t allow SIP amount to be ECSed through bank account directly rather than I need to maintain balance in demat account which again get cleared quarterly by broker as per SEBI guidelines… there is work around available of liquid fund but I am looking for straight forward solution of getting amount deducted through bank towards SIP… so by when that facility will be available in Zerodha…

You can create a standing instruction to transfer funds from your bank account to your trading account for your Coin MF purchases. More explained in this post.

Yes that will help but you still need to keep track of schedules which you have created… if it falls short then you need to recreate and if meanwhile in worse case scenario if you close Zerodha account and forgot to stop this standing instruction then where the money will go…

ZERODHA will never acquire or make anything which is not its owner. you will get whatever is yours, you are completely safe with us. HAPPY TRADING. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your MF order will remain open in the system for 5 working days. So even if you fall short, you can transfer the balance and execute your MF order.

This really is the worst case where you close your Zerodha account and continue the standing instruction. Also, will you sell out all your MF units before closing the account?

Hmm, if you still continue to transfer funds after closing account, then the funds will be discrepant in the Zerodha system and should be transferred back to your bank account.

The trading account acts as your one-stop bank account at Zerodha - for trading and investments alike.

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Thanks for clarification…

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