MFCentral vs Coin


MFCentral has recently started supporting transactions as well, so evaluating switching from Coin to MFCentral because of following reasons. Any inputs / views?

  1. There is no support for SIP/SWP/STP in coin
  2. In coin, for SIPs, there is no easy way of doing an auto payment from bank account
  3. SIPs are very restrictive due to unnecessary restrictions put by coin
  4. No clear advantage of holding MF units in demat form vs AMC folios
  5. MFCentral is not owned by single entity, rather initiated by SEBI through RTAs, KFIN and CAMS

Any reason I shouldn’t switch to MFCentral? Also if I switch to MFCentral, what is the procedure to convert my MFUnits from Demat to AMC Folios without losing out on purchase date, price, records.


refer earlier discusssion about MFCentral…

@Mub Please have a look at some previous posts. MFCentral is not matured enough. You can go for Kuvera. Zero cost with all SWP/STP in Non DEMAT forms

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