Middle east tensions and stock markets reactions

The killing of qasim solemani top commander of IRAN by donald trump in US airstrike in bagdad airport iraq, did shock everyone about this!
After this event stock market did react very bad commodity crudeoil prices hike globally, Silver, Gold prices hike now whats next?
And IRAN has reacts by saying they will take revenge!
How will stock market react on monday here and in international?
If the WORLD WAR 3 start? Then how will it effect stock markets around the world? And here? Just assuming

Indian market will be on neutral and little bit down side , because budget also near no more down side can expect now , after budget our market will see a downturn , there is no immediate recovery in economy, Downside market I like because I can get a chance of investment

Downtrend market today, coming weeks?

Market will go down only, because of war tension , it is the good time to invest in cash market , i am doing now , about you

Market cannot be predicted!

Those who took position in PE calls yesterday??

I think it was big mistake from Trump side anyway no matter how do you put it, so let’s please make it all possible if you really can. Can you? Just follow the trend, nothing much you can do about or predict something which is not that cool.