Minimum Investment

Hi , I am new for stock trading. could you please tell me the minimum amount required to start equity trading. I prefer for zerodha platform.
I see zerodha price is Rs 20 per executed order.
Accordingly what will be the total price including tax for a buy order executed , and total price for a sell order executed…

Hi Vimal,

There is no minimum amount that you can invest to start trading through Zerodha. But one thing that you need to know is Zerodha offers zero brokerage on equity delivery . All the rest of the trades are at 0.01%or Rs.20 whichever is lower.

Zerodha is one of the first brokerage houses in India to be transparent in terms of charges. You can check the taxes and charges you will incur even before you place a trade on their brokerage calculator tool:



thanks. i will contact back if any information required more.

Hi linda,
i went through the calculator. does equity delivery means holding the equity in hand and sell on another day as i like…?

hi linda ,
i did a plan work today
sail steel equity costing rs.5.35 i purchased 100 nos , planning to sell at rs. 5.45
net profit in brokerage calculator showed 8.95 ps.
now is the final amount to my trading account credited or will again there be deduction on selling and gst… please clear me.

Apart from brokerage, STT,GST , exchange commission will be charged.

so there will be deduction again from this 9 rs…am i correct

In brokerage calculator they show all the charge. Please have look there.

thanks mr. nikhil , i too got the same. now i would like to know whether there will be deductions for gst and service charges or this the final money being deposited to my account.

Sir, this will be final as all the charge has been calculated.

thanks nikhil for the information.

Zerodha Brokerage calculator hides one imp details.
It doesn’t use State Stamp Duty in the calculations.
Hence it shows faulty P/L.

Now in this case there won’t be much difference due to very small trade.
But with large trades…huge difference occurs