Minimum investment

Hi Nithin Sir,

When i am clicking on buy, it shows minimum investment as INR 5000/- .

I want an SIP which i can start for INR 1000/- min.

Is there any option for the same ?

I have searched below mentioned and it shows min .5000. to be invested.

Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused Multicap 35 Fund - Direct Plan
L&T Emerging Businesses Fund - Direct Plan - Growth

Please advise.

@Ansh_AJ There are different funds with different criterias. The fund which you are looking to buy have a criteria of minimum initial investment as 5000₹. So first you have to buy fund units of at least 5000₹ thenafter you can start or set SIP of min 1000₹ (If greater than 1000 then in multiples of ₹ 1.00 eg. 1001, 2005, 2122, etc.). If you want to invest 1000 only then you can find other funds which allow you to invest that much.

Zerodha/coin does not have any kind of restrictions to minimum amount but Fund houses decide the same.

Same thing arised for me also… (Y)