MIS BLOCKED by fyers

How many brokers blocked even The MIS order today 12 march 2020?
Today fyers blocked MIS ORDER along with BO and CO.
I didn’t understand the reason for blocking MIS order even FOR FNO STOCKS?
How can we go short if broker blocking this orders also?

I think that is one of the reasons that it is blocked. If all go short when already market is going down heavily, it might trigger even bigger downfall, which nobody else other than us traders want. So, as a precaution it might be blocked.

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If every broker do this than it is fine but when only one broker does this it makes feel cheated.

Instead not providing leverage would have been better option.

Yes, that is true.

But, that is essentially, what was done right? If MIS orders are blocked and only NRML orders are allowed, it is similar to removing leverage i feel. BO, CO blocking is normal, as lot SL orders can go unfilled in these type of high volatility situations, causing lot of damage.

But, yes only Fyers doing it today seems a bit weird, just like how it felt before when Zerodha used to be the only one taking these precautions a lot (and still do many times). Maybe someone with more knowledge can give insights on this.

There was no way short sell bcz they allowed only CNC for equity segment, and for shorting in cnc you need to have that scrip in your demat.

Fyers did the right thing to safeguard and protect them and customers …dont assume shorting at today scenario is cakewalk…wild shock waves of bounce can also happen from those low levels if there are news or simple short covering by big players etc