MIS or CO - Multiple orders in kite


I don’t want to use Bracket order for intraday options trading but want to place multiple legs at market price (to avoid execution problems).

Is there any way to place orders for both PE and CE in MIS regular or MIS cover orders?

Kite does not even have option chain and have to rely on sensibull. Today sensibull (option chain) wasn’t working. I think it’s high time that zerodha focuses more on its own product.

Whenever you are placing a order just select MIS or CO as per your preference, also to execute multiple orders you can checked out Basket Orders.

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Thanks @ShubhS9 this is useful but every time I have to first create a basket of stocks and then execute. It would have been better if we could select multiple stocks from watchlist on the go.

Anyway, at least there is something. Thanks again :slight_smile: