MIS stock update

Feedback to Zerodha.

provides list of stocks allowed for MIS. This does not specify when was it updated. It appears it is getting updated very frequently ( on a daily basis ?)

I have a google script that copies from the list and creates my own list. RMS team should give at least 5 days of un modified data. Else, every time this is updated, my list is getting screwed up. Whatever criteria you have, should it be changing on a daily basis? At least a weekly based criteria will be better.

Thanks for keeping it updated. (Few months back it was not even maintained).


We are getting it updated every week mostly by Monday evening. If there is any scrip hits circuit more frequently we may stop providing intraday for that scrip and update the same in the sheet anytime.


Yes, this is a headache.

Zerodha, at least tell us which stocks you have added and removed. @nithin @Ragavendran_M

We update mostly by Monday every week. You can download the fresh list Monday night or Tuesday morning.

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What we @tarakesh are talking about and what you are replying :roll_eyes:

No time to check 500 list every time, better you tell us.

@Ragavendran_M @siva

You can copy the list and use simple excel formulas to figure out and I believe one can’t remember all 500 by names and end up looking the list or should be feeding into the program so can use Monday evening list.

Thanks for the info. This was never known earlier. I can understand the exceptions like repeat circuits.

But, I can not understand why this information can not be given in the sheet it self. In one of the cells, you could have

Last Updated :: [CTRL+Shift+;] short cut for date and time.
If it is a script that updates your list, then one more line in the script will do the work.

Any way, my script checks every day now to exclude.