Missing features in Screener

I tried using Screener for doing some fundamental analysis and found that its a wonderful tool to work with. Although I did find two features which are missing and limiting the analysis.

  1. Profitability ratios of EBIT
    In profitability section almost all the ratios are derived from net income. Operating income ratios like ROC will make it much more convenient to compare and get a true picture of companies in same sector but with different Debt/Equity, tax efficiency etc.

  2. Companies listed on BSE
    There are around 1600 companies available on Screener which I am guessing are all listed on NSE. It would be awesome to get all listed companies in India.

Now I understand that Screener is still a new addition to Zerodha. So all I want to ask is that whether these features will be included in future?

Screener is built by the awesome team at Smallcase.

Marking @vasanthkamath from Smallcase to give you an answer.

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Hi @Blancos

Thanks for checking screener out, glad you liked it

Yes, we are working on both - will be releasing some more filters in the next week & more to come in upcoming releases. Including the universe of BSE stocks is also a work in progress

Just two versions launched, a lot more to come. Keep your suggestions & feedback coming

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how bout intraday scanner? :wink:

@wandering Not anytime soon in plans :frowning_face: