Missing Fund Franklin

I have noticed that many of the earlier missing fund have now become available on coin but the FRANKLIN one is still missing, any idea by what time this will be available too?

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Franklin is still working on integrating their system with BSE STAR MF to enable their direct schemes. The schemes might be available by the end of this month.

How much more time will it take?

Hi Nikhil,

Apologies for the delay.

We are trying our best to coordinate with the AMC to integrate their schemes with BSE STAR MF (our backend order routing system). We are not getting a clear timeline from their end but will try to get this asap.

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Franklin fund is still not available in Direct mode. I don’t think we can get it soon.

@nikhilk Thanks for the update. Is there any place apart from COIN platform where we can know by notifications the AMC’s as and when they are added ?

I don’t know. Probably you will know more about it.

Why franklin india is not in Coin MutualFunds?

The answer is already there in above thread…

As per this list, direct schemes of Franklin India are available on BSE Star MF


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Any ETA ? I am planning to sell my existing Franklin MF and invest via Zerodha

any ETA on when Franklin will become available ?? @nithin @faisr

The AMC has mentioned that they will integrate (with BSE STAR MF) the direct plan schemes mostly by end of March . So, once listed on star mf then these would be available on COIN as well.

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Please update on this thread once it is available.


Any update…it is end of March now. @faisr @nithin

Franklin is still working on it. WIll keep you posted.

@anantk007 @Smit_K @Rohit_Sood @manikandanthangaraj

Franklin schemes are now available on Coin :slight_smile:

Placed an order for Franklin and it would not process…Support tells me there is an issue between BSE star platform and Franklin AMC.If there is an issue between BSE star platform and Franklin AMC, how was this released into service on Zerodha ?
Do you guys not test this before releasing it to the customers ? @faisr @nithin

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Hi Ananth, we got a confirmation from star mf and franklin that we can place orders but due to some regulatory requirements between the entities and the members, star mf again blocked the schemes. This happened in a short span of time but during this period very few clients placed orders. To avoid any inconvenience we did not debit the amount from the trading accounts and have kept the orders in a pending incase the issue gets resolved in the 2-3 days. If you wish to delete the order, you can contact support and we will help you out.

I will keep you posted once this issue is finally resolved and we are expecting this to get resolved within next week. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Could we please have an ETA for this ?