Missing Fund Franklin

Still no update regarding this? My transaction remains in Pending Status since 17th of April. What seems to be the issue? Why isn’t Zerodha sharing an expected ETA on this??


Hi Parul, we are waiting for this to enabled at BSE STAR MF. As mentioned earlier there was some issue between them and Franklin which is mostly resolved now. And it should be available anytime this week.

In case, you want your order to be deleted then kindly raise a ticket and we will do the needful.

I hope this week also just doesn’t pass without the result we are looking for.

We are trying our best. They are not providing a definite date from their end. Will keep you posted.

@faisr Has this been sorted ?
I can see Franklin funds are now showing up in the list of DIrect funds.

@faisr @nithin any updates?

Hi Ananth, the schemes back. You can start investing now.