MMTC LTD bonus 1:2

Can any one explain me, price drop and bonus share in MMTC. What date i should buy and till which date i need to hold the share.

Any one help me

May 4th is the record date, meaning you should have the stock in your demat as of the date to be eligible for the bonus.

Check this chapter on Varsity to know more about how a bonus impacts the stock price.

I brought 20 shares on exbonus date, how many bonus i will get

Any one please provide the details

If you buy on ex-date, you will get NOTHING.
You have to buy any date before Ex-Date in order to avail benefit of any corporate action. Be it Bonus or dividend, or rights, etc.

if you have bought by may 02 you will get 50 % bonus in next few days .mmtc bonus not yet listed.

Hi… When will the bonus credit in zerodha demat… I don’t have the bonus shares showing up till today

Can take up to 15 days. Check this post for more.

As per company’s announcement bonus shares have been allotted on may 07…at mmb you can see many people have posted that they have already received the same .however please note that BONUS SHARES ARE NOT YET APPROVED FOR LISTING AND TRADING.