Modification in Kite Platform # Kite

  1. Add Lower Circuit Limit and Upper circuit limit values to be shown.
  2. Open interest in case of F&O should be shown.
  3. Charts are not available before Feb 15. Kindly make the charts available before 15 If feasible
  4. Template module in Kite, same as Zerodha (Max. 3 templates which can be saved). This will reduce the time in chart study.
  5. Tick size below charts.
  6. If position taken in stock and its charts is open then the M2M value i.e. P & L for that script can be shown.
  7. Total Buy cost in Positions Tab.
  8. Application of Expert advisor – pls check whether this option is feasible.
  9. Name of User besides Login ID.
  10. Sensex , Nifty and Other indices if it can be shown separately rather than adding them in market watch.

Last trade price and last trade time in charts, below of charts. Pls check feasibility 

Already I have emailed to [email protected] . They replied me to post the query here? It is very pathetic that this is not a question?

what is the feedback given…juts let me know here…