Modifications in Zinc, Aluminium and Lead contracts

As per SEBI guidelines to align the multiple contracts in a commodity into one, MCX has made modifications to Aluminium, Zinc and Lead contracts. From January 2020, there will be only one contract available to trade(1 Tonne) instead of the current mini(1 Tonne) and Mega(5 Tonnes) contracts.

The Aluminum (1 MT), Zinc (1 MT) and Lead (1 MT) contracts will be available for trading as follows:

  1. Under the symbol ALUMINI, ZINCMINI and LEADMINI from January 2020 expiry to the April 2020 expiry.
  2. Thereafter, under the symbol ALUMINIUM, ZINC and LEAD from the May 2020 expiry contract and onwards.

Exchange circulars can be found here(1 & 2).

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even crudeoil mini contracts are removed.