Modified Orders Report

Hi All,

Can anyone help me to know if we can get a list of all orders (including modified orders) placed by us.
For example, if i placed a SL order and then later modified it before it got executed. Can i see the original order placed anywhere on Kite, Console or Pi?

Hey @prash_u,

For trades made on the same day, you can download your order book as a CSV from Kite.

For your historical order book you can request our support team by raising a ticket on

Hi @Kshiteesh_Saralaya,

Thank you for the response. But, I was looking for the original orders that were placed before modification.

For example, let’s say I bought a stock at 110 and placed a SL order at 100 initially, later on I modified/updated this same SL order to 105, which was hit and the order was executed at 105.

Later in the day Can i get to see the initial SL order that i had placed at Rs.100 anywhere? Is it stored by Zerodha by any chance?