Modifying stop in a bracket order


After modifying a stop with trailing stop in a bracket order, will it still continue to be a dynamic stop or will it become static?


Hi @RavindranathDaruvuri
In Bracket order u can modify stop loss on individual executed order, It is explained well by Hanan sir pleasevisit this link (Bracket order).


brother, @Abhishek_Malsa after modifying stop loss, will it still continue to trail or become static? He didn’t talk about it in the video



Once you modify a trailing stoploss, it ceases to be dynamic and it does not trail anymore. The trailing stoploss is only designed to trail your initial stoploss price.


Thank you @Srinivas.


I suggest you to please add this point to bracket order in zconnect and other blogs.

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@srinivas see the screenshot and please explain how’d this happen. I shorted reliance at 910 with stop at 919 and trailing stop 1. The price hit 906.3 and instead of stop reaching 916, it became 915.3, I don’t get this, brother


Hmm, Zerodha Support should be able to help you with this. Can you write to them for more clarification on this. Did you place the stop at 919 or at 919.30?


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Hi, Were you able to get an answer to this question? If yes, please share it here.


Once order is modified the new trail will happen from that new modified price.

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